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Banana Bread recipe

Low carb atkins induction recipes,

With this time, banana bread!


Take a cup of butter

Take a cup and put five eggs in it and clutch it

Take a teaspoon of baking bowder

Take 2 teaspoon of banana extract

Take two cups of almond meal.


Now for the flour: 1, take creambutter and the clutched eggs. Put one egg in at a time.Untill you have put all 5 eggs in them, you can start mixing. Add the banana extract to it. After that, pour it into a small loaf pan. Bake the pan at 340 celc. In the oven for about 40 minutes. After it’s in the oven, I suggest you to check every once half our to see if it’s still good.



And that’s it! Your good to go with a very tase banana bread!

The banana bread is good food and full of healthy nutriouns. BUT, there is a huge but.. Not all breads are equal. You have ofcourse many different breads which you know for example brown and white. They differ in the nutritious value, we always recommend to eat brown bread cause it’s made with less sugar and more fiber! Breads which are brown are rich with protein and oats. They are the perfect bread for somebody who wants to lose a couple of kilo’s without investing to much. Cause we all know that healthy food can be really expensive! It’s quite easy to lose weight with the atkins induction recipes though. It’s really easy to set it up for yourself. Look at this tip; if you burn more calories then you eat, you lose weight! It’s that simple guys. If you don’t exercise a lot. Then just cut back the eating because your not burning more calories then your consuming. You can try and burn calories through exercise aswell, which is ofcourse healthier for you heart etc. It’s up to you to see which fits best in your schedule. Remember some basic rules about food nutrition etc and you will start to lose weight with atkins induction recipes!